The Pasta Bowl…(vittles)


So I’m a Northsider at heart, I practically do everything up there, though I reside on the Southside of Chicago & was born & raised in Englewood. Last Tuesday I was in Lincoln Park doing some trading at Crossroads. On the way there my daughter spotted The Pasta Bowl located at 2434 N. Clark, she & I are diehards for Italian food, pasta & cheese to be precise. I was working on a tight budget & I do mean TIGHT but nevertheless wouldn’t dare pass on a chance to spend time with her or check out a restaurant I’ve never been to. When I wrapped up my trading we decided to try them out. A tad bit reluctant about my funds I thought I’d review the menu posted outside before entering, to my surprise it was extremely budget friendly for Italian. We were greeted warmly at the door & had the luxury of seating ourselves. We both knew exactly what we were going to order. Our waiter was amazing, asked if we had ever dined in The Pasta Bowl establishment & offered us an appetizer on the house to get us better acquainted with them. We chose the Garlic Cheese Bread priced at only $3.75 for 5 pieces (not large but satisfying). Given that I was working with a strict budget I thought what better choice than to assure we have bread with our pasta, which we love as well. To our surprise our entries came with bread. I would’ve been exceptionally pleased had there been olive oil & parmesan crumbs at our table as I felt it was needed. I ordered the


Farfalle Pollo bowtie pasta and grilled chicken served with sun-dried and fresh tomatoes, cream, pecorino cheese, mushrooms, and basil.

At a mere $8.50, let me tell you how amazeballs this dish was! I absolutely LOVE sun-dried tomatoes. My dish was perfect, service was very swift and attentive. Aside from the expected parking disgruntlement you may encounter, (I actually found a spot directly in front) which is customary when being up North, the overall experience was super!!! It’s going to be a regular for me, I can guarantee that.

Crissy LaJoy