Crissy LaJoy
K so the deets:
Perry Ellis Navy Wool Trench $27.00 (resale|trade)
H&M DIY Ripped Sweater $20 (on sale)
H&M Crocodile Embossed Leggings $19.00
Potato Sack Cafes De Brasil Hobo Bag $15.60 (resale|trade)
H&M Knee Socks $14.00
Topshop Peep Toe Booties $22.00 (original $130 resale trade)
H&M Hat $17.95
H&M Necklace $17.95
Oversize Round Glasses $4.00

TOTAL LOOK $139.55


Black Is The New Balance

Black Is The New Balance

Monki black dress
$32 –

A L C coat
$1,470 –

New Balance white shoes
$105 –

Topshop backpack

Round sunglasses

Nars cosmetic

Essie beauty product

Unlimited Apps

Unlimited Apps

Notch lapel vest

Fendi handbag

Karen Walker cat jewelry
$175 –

Moschino tech accessory
$67 –

Couture eyewear

Earbud headphone

Nars cosmetic

Lip liner

Red perfume

Fresh|Goth (denier cri)



~Scarf is a long black dress twisted on my head at the frontal crown
~Dress is a midi length long sleeved jersey knit piece made by my mom
~Jacket is Wilson’s Leather purchased from Crossroads in Wicker Park for only $30 (I love buy|sell|trade shops) I actually traded some oldies for this goodie
~Dr. Martens & knee socks were purchased from Akira|Hyde Park (socks
were only $1)
~Bag is H&M
~Lippie is MAC Nightmoth liner|Cyber satin lipstick



Morning Grub (vittles)



Cream of Wheat (brown sugar flavor) & Blueberries (photo cred Crissy LaJoy)

Cream of Wheat (brown sugar flavor) & Blueberries (photo cred Crissy LaJoy)

Funny story about today’s vittles….my morning grub is always a wonderful experience. Not merely the enjoyment of savoring great flavors at the start of a new day but the preparation process to say the least is quite soothing. Let’s get to the funny part though, picked up a few things at Target the other day & ran across something that I grew up hating as a child…Cream of Wheat (or Malt O Meal, hated them both) I mean I utterly detested the faint smell of my mother preparing it for my brother, sister & I on a school morning. As I walked down the cereal aisle I recollected that my taste buds have changed drastically throughout my adulthood. I hated shrimp as a kid but love it now, hated beans as a kid but love them now. I grabbed a box of Cream of Wheat & noticed that they have flavors! Hmmm, I love maple brown sugar flavored oatmeal let me try the Cream of Wheat. I decided to make it this morning & boy was my pallet anxious to dig in, I threw in the extras & went in for the kill…..I almost puked! I ate it all because i hate wasting anything, especially food, but I didn’t enjoy one bit of it. The texture, the consistency, the taste all of it was all wrong. I scarfed it down as quickly as I could to satisfy my hunger & washed down each mounting spoonful with a gulp of Simply Orange & banana juice. Needless to say Cream of Wheat is just as disgusting now as it was to me as a child. I don’t believe my taste buds will ever evolve to appreciate it. Back to oatmeal I go.

But Joy…..

Chicago September Sunrise

Chicago September Sunrise (photo cred Crissy LaJoy)

I’m up at around 5 ish every morning & I indulge in the luxury of what the sky has to offer, be it a fireball rising from the back of Lake Michigan or storm clouds encompassing the knives that stand tall through the clouds of the Chicago Skyline (which is my favorite part about the city in which I was born & raised) I find beauty in whatever the skies showcase daily. I wish I could pull over every morning to snap a quick pic of God’s beauty. He’s the best artist to ever do it. I engage in a joyous occasion every morning. Next time you’re driving along LSD take a moment to let the view enter into your soul…

When Sunday Comes…



You know they say “there’s something special about picnics,” well I say there’s something special about Sundays. In most cultures it’s the beginning of a new week. Though some may view it as the end of the weekend & get a tad bit melancholy  DEPRESSED at the thought of returning to the workplace & the dreaded weekly routine, I view it as a new beginning. I find Sundays to be very refreshing. No matter the season. Going to church & receiving a word from God is all the more amazing. It may be tough to climb out of bed on the one day that you don’t have to hit the ground running at Dark:30am but pressing your way for a small window of your day to fellowship with others who love the Lord & indulge in his wonderful word isn’t a delicacy why not take full advantage of it. It’s free! Just as salvation & accepting Jesus as your Lord & saviour?!image