Textures + Tones


One of my favorite things about my personal style is mixing prints, but layering textures adds another dimension to the party. Last year just before the “Paranormal” hit I was in the process of launching my clothing line “Structure + floë”. It came to a screeching halt when the entire world was put on pause. Soon after, my relationship with my production specialist turned out to not be a good fit & I was forced to outsource for another connection. Needless to say I am still in the process of getting my brand out there. Oh & believe me, it’s coming. The world id waiting on it! This Kimono is my first design.

This piece speaks to who I am as an individual! Daring yet calm! Ready to take risks yet organized. Matchy but not so much. When I say I can wear this with just about anything & it’ll still look like it’s meant to be!

I love supporting local designers from my hometown, Chicago. JFG/ Joe Fresh Goods is one of my favorites. His ability to be inclusive in streetwear is awesome. He’s worked with the lie of New Balance & Converse. This green 70’s style T-shirt is a part of his 2020 collection. The bold green is fly in itself but the message drives the fly ness home for me. Bigging up BLACKNESS will always have a special place n my heart!

I’m a sucker for menswear! It just works for me! These pants are from one of my favorite stores Urban Outfitters. The colors & print drew me in. I HAD to have em.

The Nike “Blazer” is one of my favorite sneaker silhouettes. Classic design & can be paired with just about anything. With an array of color ways to choose from, you cannot go wrong with having this sneaker at a part of your collection. It’s also a great collection starter!

“They say” (I don’t really care what anyone says but…you get my point) dont wait until a special event to dress up. One thing to always be is overdressed! These shades are just that! Takes any look completely over the top for no reason at all. But who needs a reason?

To top it all off I added one of my favorite purchases from last year! This flap saddle cow print bag from Shein! First of all…$17?!! Come on man! Ofcourse with all their constant coupons I only paid between $10-$14 for it! It’s a great piece. It’s neutral colors allow for me to wear it with so many looks. And people LOVE it!

You see how this all just works? That outfit you wanna wear but afraid it’ll be too much….WEAR IT & NEVERMIND THE PEOPLE!

And You Say Chi City

The Chicago Theatre

I was born and raised in this city. I don’t think I’ll ever leave. I’m not sure I can see myself living somewhere else. My love for my hometown rings deep. Despite what the media puts out I still love it through and through. Chicago had some AMAZING things to offer! I’m grateful to have been born and raised here.

Wabash Train Station

These sneakers & this train line. Where all things meet. The sneakers Nike P-6000 metallic give me the option to literally wear anything, I can dress these up or down. This train station is a melting pot of the train lines in Chicago, all corners of the city come to this central space… downtown Chicago.

Red Line

I love mixing pieces from my closet that have absolutely nothing to do with one another. Layering these necklaces gave this entire look an unexpected spin.

Red Line
Street Art Filled Alleys

Some of my favorite things about my city are the hidden jewels… the street art, the, the fashion, the designers! I love my T shirt & Socks from local designer Joe Fresh Goods

If you’re thinking of visiting, DO IT!


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Social Media can be whatever you want it to be but it’s meant to connect individuals from all different walks of life from all around the world. Many place negative connotations on it because of what it’s turned into. I, on the other hand, remain in an optimistic mindset of the positive greatness it ensues. A couple years back I was connected through Snapchat with someone who reminded me of myself. Little did I know she’d been following me on Instagram before I connected with her on Snapchat. Her name is Fena (such a beautiful name). We exchanged so many different ideas and connected on so many different levels. She was the Boston creative version of myself.


Who knew that after the connecting via the worldwide web of social media we’d one day get to meet in person? I was so excited to finally hug the flesh that embodied such a magical spirit. The plus was that another friend was coming with. I’d met her through Fena….she was her best friend Mimi. When we finally met up it was as if we’d been friends for years. These girls are my sisters!!! I love them both dearly


We decided to link at probably one of the most eye pleasing places in my hometown, Chicago. The decor aesthetic is absolutely breathtaking. Beatnik and the drinks don’t disappoint. We met for Sunday brunch + drinks which was nothing less than amazing. I ordered the Pork Cheek Fried Rice (seasonal vegetables, cilantro, fried duck egg, aleppo pepper which I opted against because I simply cannot with spicy ANYTHING). Collectively we decided to indulge in their Chai Cinnamon Rolls (I ADORE chai ANYTHING) I ate all of my food and some which, as much of a foodie as I am, I never finish my food.


We all indulged in a few cocktails…one our favs was the Bright Eyed and Fuzzy Headed! So good, it was like dessert in a cocktail glass and I’m no sweets fan but this was perfect!



After stuffing our faces we had to get in a few shots…no, not more liquor…photos! I didn’t mention that one of the things that linked Fena and I together was our love for photography and graphic design. She’s a photographer and I, an aspiring one. We HAD to do it! Look at these backdrops, we simply couldn’t resist!!!


We’d questioned our waiter and got a wealth of knowledge regarding the owner, all the interior decor accolades belong to the him, who went all out with purchasing one of a kind pieces from all over the world. He also informed us that the owner graces the place with his presence often. It would’ve been a nice treat to meet him and pick his brain.


This look had to be comfortable and free flowing easy to deal with as womanly tings were taking place that week so I was heavily bloated and it was raining cats and dogs that day. I wanted to be bright and airy to bring about some color to the day. My dress, a bright neon green maxi for only $9.99 with a $5 tan 3/4 length sleeve shirt with black stitching both from Urban Outfitters.  I added a pair of FENTY Puma Creepers, a $5 beret with grommet holes throughout and a bold pink lip from MAC for more color. My necklace is hella old, like at least 10yrs, I couldn’t tell you where I got it from or how many times I almost got rid of it but was glad I didn’t that day.

“I”ce (S)cream for Sushi + Crepes

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I had been craving sushi for a couple weeks so I headed up North for some shopping and decided to stop off for some. Starved and frustrated because parking is always bad up North in Chicago, mix that with the ever going construction and bad drivers and BOOM pure irritation. I’d driven past a good handful of sushi spots before I was able to find a decent parking space only to get out, walk to the door and see that they didn’t open until 5pm…it was only 2:30pm. So my mini excursion continued. I doubled back southbound on Clark street hit a couple illegal U-turns and stumbled across this place Sushi Mon. I walked by a ramen spot and an interesting rolled ice cream spot before heading in. I knew I wouldn’t do the ramen because I’ve tried to like it but can’t seem to get with the program. Rolled ice cream however is a good treat. Ice cream is already my favorite and I get the pleasure of watching a little performance while it’s being made? Can’t beat that. Any who, I head into Sushi Mon who lucky for me opens at 11am on Saturdays. The place was completely empty so I got a cozy window seat and browsed the menu. As much as I love sushi I absolutely cannot indulge in raw fish, so I always opt for something cooked. My belly wanted something filling and my eyes agreed but I know I never finish my food so after teasing myself in the Specialty section of the menu I went back to the basics section and chose a California roll (can’t go wrong) for $8.95. They didn’t have much of a beverage section, just Coke, Sprite + Diet Coke. I didn’t want sushi and water so sushi and coke it was. One word DELICIOUS. Very satisfying especially because I’d been craving it. I scarfed it all down and headed back out.

I knew I was going to get dessert and Aha Crepe was next up. As much of a foodie I am, I’ve never had crepes before so this was gonna be a treat for me. I was stuck between their Strawberry Banana and Chocolate Strawberry. Here’s the thing, I don’t love Strawberry ice cream, but I wanted the bananas. I chose the chocolate strawberry because I wanted the chocolate more than I did the bananas.

They’d made the Strawberry Banana one….I didn’t order that one so they had to make another of the correct order. They let me keep the wrong one which of course I couldn’t eat. I had no room so I snapped a few pics of it and enjoyed the one I really wanted. A lady & her daughter came in shortly after I’d offered it to her as I didn’t want to just toss it but I was so distracted with snapping pics I hadn’t noticed that she’d already ordered and paid for their treats so I kindly gave it back to the associate and went about my day.

Mine had Matcha ice cream which was a first for me. It was pretty good but the real treat was all wrapped in the bottom of the crepe, peaches, strawberries, Nutella, chocolate covered pistachios and chocolate drizzle. SO GOOD! Needless to say I’ll definitely be back this Summer and taking my daughter and whomever else with me!!!

Let’s chat a bit about this cute little number I threw on for the day. I’ve been here for pops of color lately. Denim on Denim is already a win, throw in a few hints of the rainbow and……..

But Chicago’s weather has been extremely bipolar and although we’re almost to the middle of June we’ve been getting rain and 60 degree weather off and on. So because my hot pink Vans are cloth and it was raining cats + dogs as I was leaving for work I had to wear socks…the chunkier the better. These were a bit thin but you couldn’t tell once they’re scrunched down. Navy blue and from my fav store Urban Outfitters Surplus for $1. The denim shirt is literally a boyfriend shirt, jeans are a Target sale I purchased a few months back. The hat is my fav right now Felt Cowboy Hat highlighted in one of my recent posts. The buttons on my shirt are by Takashi Murakami from his exhibit at Museum of Contemporary Art last Summer which I thoroughly enjoyed! I purchased the metal pin and the cloth button, both his signature flowers. The third button on my shirt is a boombox pin I bought from a record store in Hyde Park. Music is my life and we’ll get to that one day in a future post.

Sidebar: by the time I’d gotten off work & made it up North it was hotter than a bumble bees balls & I was strongly regretting not wearing a more transitional look that day.

Booze Booze + Mo Booze


Hyde Park Brew Fest is a beer drinkers heaven, but for me, with all the booze to choose from I had none! No matter how hard I try my palette just won’t receive it. But I wasn’t there for the booze. I was there for the vibes! AND THE VIBES WERE THERE FOR ME! This annual beer festival held in the heart of Chicago’s Southside (Hyde Park) is full of vendors, food, booze (beer garden), music and tribe like sensations. This was my first time ever checking it out and boy had I been missing a treat! I was always under the impression that if you didn’t drink beer, you had no business being there hence me being a virgin until this year. I had so much fun I went back again for day 2! Enjoyed the fresh sounds of DJ Jazzy Jeff on the 1s + 2s which was nothing less than amazing! So glad I was able to experience that! It’s a memory I won’t soon forget. Both days I was so engulfed in the fun that I didn’t get a chance to even try the food vendors! As I said before no beer rushed my system but I did have a “lil” sumn in my cup…Let’s get to this gear! The highlight of my look this weekend was this bright mustard felt cowboy hat that I purchased from my favorite Urban Outfitters Surplus for only $19.99 paired with this crisp white hoodie by True Colors adorned with a beautiful satin floral print appliqué on the back for $24.99, hunter green capri joggers with a black stripe detail for only $9.99. My box like shades $14.99 from Akira, HATE ME LOVE ME bag from Zara (price unknown, had it forever), faux leather black slides $9.99 on sale from Target last but not least my fav lippie of the moment STUNNA by FENTY Beautyimg_4566.jpgDay 2 was playful, I saw this asymmetric skirt at Target on sale for $16.48 and had major plans for it for this summer. This was my first time wearing it and boy was I excited to play around with different looks. An old gray children’s T shirt by Old Navy that I’d thrifted for $1, a pair of perfectly dirty/distressed Nike Blazers and some oversized tassel earrings from Akira. Threw on that STUNNA again a few dainty necklaces and voila! The link to this amazing hat is below! Have fun with it…I know I am!Mustard Felt Cowboy Hat

The Shopper…(denier cri)



When I shop it’s not shopping, although I most likely have the time of my life,  & the therapy, oh the therapy, however I set out on a mission to find the world’s greatest deals. For some that may seem like a task but for me, It’s a competitive pleasure & I compete with myself & sometimes even my own willpower to “not” go above what my spending goals are in total & per item. Sounds like more work than play hunh? Well not for me,  I’m particular about the stores I frequent. Thrift stores, discount stores & buy, sell, trade shops are at the top of my list then for those regular retails stores the clearance & sale sections are my muse. I go into regular stores with my eyes on the prize. I literally avoid the front of the store at all costs (no pun intended). The front of the store is the enemy. It’s ok to treat yourself from time to time but everything in front will at some point in time during that season or even within the next 3 weeks wind up in the back with all the other treasures. If you always keep that in mind you’ll win everytime. It’s safe to say that Urban Outfitters is my favorite store. But I’ll do you one better they have a Surplus store in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of my hometown Chicago. The Surplus carries items from their regular store of which they are simply trying to get rid of, great for me because anytime I can find a duster originally priced at $300 for only $14 or a pair of Ecoté White Crackle Leather boots originally priced at $200 for only $39 or even a pair of black leather Dolce Vita boots originally priced at $300 for only $19 count me in!  If you ever visit this store then is when you’ll understand the love I have for this place. It embodies my free spirited hipster love for fashion, home, beauty & music. I visited the store this Wednesday to shop for my daughter but still left with a couple jewels for myself. These very pointy black SUEDE (yes suede) oxfords by Silence + Noise were only $5.00 can you believe that? & these pointy toe wing tipped silver metallic oxfords (with an all leather inner) by Miista were only $40 both a steal! Tell me about how I should be locked up for leaving that store with such amazing deals! Pace yourself when you journey out to your next shopping venture & set goals. When you stick to what you want you’ll have a successful bargain shopping adventure & before you know it you’ll be a bargain shopping maniac, just like me!

Tonal Distress

Tonal Distress

Balmain white top
$1,100 – balmain.com

Ryan Roche long sleeve top

Sophia Webster black shoes
$640 – ssense.com

Valentino leather purse

White topaz jewelry

Ice diamond jewelry
$81 – iceonline.com.au

Norma Kamali hat

Cat eye glasses


Avant Gaudy

Avant Gaudy

French Connection pants
$125 – johnlewis.com

Christian Louboutin black pumps
$580 – mytheresa.com

Gold plated jewelry

Dolce&Gabbana cat eye sunglasses
$1,430 – net-a-porter.com

Chanel fragrance