And You Say Chi City

The Chicago Theatre

I was born and raised in this city. I don’t think I’ll ever leave. I’m not sure I can see myself living somewhere else. My love for my hometown rings deep. Despite what the media puts out I still love it through and through. Chicago had some AMAZING things to offer! I’m grateful to have been born and raised here.

Wabash Train Station

These sneakers & this train line. Where all things meet. The sneakers Nike P-6000 metallic give me the option to literally wear anything, I can dress these up or down. This train station is a melting pot of the train lines in Chicago, all corners of the city come to this central space… downtown Chicago.

Red Line

I love mixing pieces from my closet that have absolutely nothing to do with one another. Layering these necklaces gave this entire look an unexpected spin.

Red Line
Street Art Filled Alleys

Some of my favorite things about my city are the hidden jewels… the street art, the, the fashion, the designers! I love my T shirt & Socks from local designer Joe Fresh Goods

If you’re thinking of visiting, DO IT!

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