BINARY Exposure



It’s a great idea to have a curated closet where staple pieces can be mixed and matched and also have multiple purposes. You’ll never run out of things to wear but you’ll also benefit from eliminating bulk and closet overkill, you know when you forget that you even have certain items cuz your closet is overflowing with SO MUCH CRAP!

A cape can double as a scarf!

A dress can double as a skirt!

A shirt can double as a dress!

A dress can double as a shirt!

Be creative use your imagination, mix it up. And as I always say don’t be afraid to mix prints! The rule is smaller print mixes well with a larger print but who the heck cares! If Large with Large looks good then DO IT! If small with small looks good then DO IT!!!!

The floral print skirt is actually a dress underneath the MUSE sweatshirt.

The cape was used as a scarf.

The gray shirt dress can be worn either way. Long enough to be a dress short enough to be a shirt. You choose!

– C R Y S T Y L E S F R U G A L S O N

Crystyles Frugalson est. N9neteen84our

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