Ne-On Me (dernier cri)


Southshore, Chicago

Neon colors have a place in every season infinitely. It can be incorporated into a look subtly or boldly. Ironically even when done subtly it still strikes as a bold accent. For those who don’t have the confidence to plunge into an entire neon look adding subtle hints such as accessories would be a easier route. 

Southshore, Chicago

I can do either & be perfectly fine although my favorite color is black. The stone cold dense edge of black is breathtaking to me which is why I prefer it. Is neon a trend of Summer 2016 you ask? Hmmm, I can’t accurately answer that because me & trends…….

Southshore, Chicago

This was a random look as most of my looks are. Got the classic Nikes for an Erykah Badu concert but didn’t wind up wearing them at all which is why I don’t shop specifically for events or outings. I do better with random. I love piecing together looks on accident. 

Southshore, Chicago

These murals…when I blog it’s, yep you guessed it, never planned. I don’t wake up, get dressed & set out to blog. My blogging is just as random & impromptu as the rest of my life…UNPLANNED. As I drive through my amazing city (Chicago) these super beyond dope expressions of art find me & I’m forced to engage. What better way to become intimate with such eyegasms than to photograph myself against it & become unified with it?

Southshore, Chicago

SummertimeChi…we have some pain stakingly cold Winters but our Summers in Chicago are just as hot as the Winters are cold. This day was excruciatingly hot, the kind of heat that snatches your breath when it hits you. I had to wear my hair straight back with minimal makeup. I opted for a bold lip to mirror the boldness of the pops of neon.

Southshore, Chicago

The fit…a simple pair of faux leather black shorts paired with a crushed velvet mock neck sleeveless crop top, under an ex boyfriends old denim Guess shirt that I ripped the sleeves off of. I added the kicks & a clutch that I did a DIY on by adding the gold chain. Threw on a pair of circular white neon teal mirrored specs. A vintage gold Casio watch & a bold red lip.


Top•Urban Renewal|Urban Outfitters  $10

Shorts•H&M $39

Shoes•Nike|Crossroads Trading Co. $11

Bag•Zara $30

Specs•Akira $14

Watch•Casio|American Apparel  $50

Lip•Ruby Woo|MAC

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