Stuck In the Middle With Mute





I’ve gained a deeply saturated love for muted tones. Don’t worry I’m still completely obsessed with black. Eclectic is my aesthetic. Mixing pieces that aren’t the norm. To pair a structured hat with a little “grey” dress & an over sized “90’s” style jacket & sneaker wedges is what some may view as a stretch but I fell in love with what I saw in the mirror. I added this stark white book bag with rose gold zipper detailing & a long faux herringbone gold chain. Keeping with the muted tones I opted for a dark lip which ties the entire look together. Wondering why I seem to have combined all four seasons in one look? I’m a Chicagoan which should pretty much explain it but in deeper detail our weather tends to be all over the place sometimes. Right now we’re caught in between a hot Summer & a rich Fall hence the tones & the leg exposure.

Hat: Brixton from Akira $50
Dress: zara|trafulac from Zara (on sale) $19
Jacket: BDG for Urban Outfitters (on sale) $10
Shoes: Nike Air Revolution Sky HI  $150
Bag: H&M $29
Chain: Akira $20
Lip: MAC Liner in Current MAC Lipstick in Smoked Purple

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