Morning Grub (vittles)



Cream of Wheat (brown sugar flavor) & Blueberries (photo cred Crissy LaJoy)

Cream of Wheat (brown sugar flavor) & Blueberries (photo cred Crissy LaJoy)

Funny story about today’s vittles….my morning grub is always a wonderful experience. Not merely the enjoyment of savoring great flavors at the start of a new day but the preparation process to say the least is quite soothing. Let’s get to the funny part though, picked up a few things at Target the other day & ran across something that I grew up hating as a child…Cream of Wheat (or Malt O Meal, hated them both) I mean I utterly detested the faint smell of my mother preparing it for my brother, sister & I on a school morning. As I walked down the cereal aisle I recollected that my taste buds have changed drastically throughout my adulthood. I hated shrimp as a kid but love it now, hated beans as a kid but love them now. I grabbed a box of Cream of Wheat & noticed that they have flavors! Hmmm, I love maple brown sugar flavored oatmeal let me try the Cream of Wheat. I decided to make it this morning & boy was my pallet anxious to dig in, I threw in the extras & went in for the kill…..I almost puked! I ate it all because i hate wasting anything, especially food, but I didn’t enjoy one bit of it. The texture, the consistency, the taste all of it was all wrong. I scarfed it down as quickly as I could to satisfy my hunger & washed down each mounting spoonful with a gulp of Simply Orange & banana juice. Needless to say Cream of Wheat is just as disgusting now as it was to me as a child. I don’t believe my taste buds will ever evolve to appreciate it. Back to oatmeal I go.

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