When Sunday Comes…



You know they say “there’s something special about picnics,” well I say there’s something special about Sundays. In most cultures it’s the beginning of a new week. Though some may view it as the end of the weekend & get a tad bit melancholy  DEPRESSED at the thought of returning to the workplace & the dreaded weekly routine, I view it as a new beginning. I find Sundays to be very refreshing. No matter the season. Going to church & receiving a word from God is all the more amazing. It may be tough to climb out of bed on the one day that you don’t have to hit the ground running at Dark:30am but pressing your way for a small window of your day to fellowship with others who love the Lord & indulge in his wonderful word isn’t a delicacy why not take full advantage of it. It’s free! Just as salvation & accepting Jesus as your Lord & saviour?!image

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